March 6, 2017


"It is with great pride that we have created, in partnership with Instituto da Criança, the largest social investment made by XP Investiments: the EDUCAÇÃO GARANTIDA (GUARANTEED EDUCATION) Project. The initiative offers funding for scholarships for children from 6 to 11 years of age in primary education. The initial idea is to benefit about 800 children in cities with low HDI in the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, focused on families in financial difficulty, with a monthly income of less than 3 minimum wages. We hope that this project can inspire other companies to follow similar paths, reducing inequalities in our country. I am sure that this kick-off is just the beginning and that the project will be strengthened even further over the next few years."
Guilherme Benchimol
CEO XP Investiments
"IC carries out a work that goes far beyond being our partner in corporate volunteering. Relentless in supporting the company in all matters related to social responsibility, IC stands out for its commitment, innovation and ethics in all the activities it performs. We are very grateful for the dedication of the entire Institute team and we are very proud of our partnership!"
Cristiana Velasco
Brasilcap - client of the Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Area of IC
"Thanks to the Instituto da Criança and our two-year partnership, that the Digital Culture and Educational Innovation event was accomplished. The initiative represents the growth to promote children's rights in the digital environment. We have gathered 200 teachers and a variety of presentations that offer tools to them to accompany their students, as well as improving the quality of online experiences and digital coexistence."
Mariela Reiman
Founding member of the Association
"I have known the beautiful work carried out by the Instituto da Criança for about 10 years and from then on, whenever possible, I try to develop projects in partnership with the organization. It is always extremely gratifying to have the opportunity to learn and exchange information we have! Congratulations to the entire team of the Institute. I really admire your work!"
Lilian Kac
"For us at White Martins, it is a pleasure to work with partners such as Instituto da Criança, always with professionalism and competence.Thank you very much for all the support we have been given, from the creation to the maturation of our volunteer platform. No doubt, the excellent service was a differential for us to achieve our established objectives."
Marzia Russo
White Martins - IC Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory Client
"Instituto da Criança is the best partner that the Lar Santa Catarina has, they are part of our history. The Institute was present at all times, the most difficult and the happiest, the greatest difficulties and the best achievements."
Fernanda Ávilla
Lar Santa Catarina